Illinois Motorcyclist's Rights Association, Inc.
Incorporated May 3, 2002

1. Illinois Motorcyclists Rights Association, Inc. has a small dedicated Executive Board of Directors. There are no local or regional chapters in our structure at this time.

2. Meetings are held quarterly in January, April, July, and October.

3. We do not currently have events, but encourage members to participate in other's events.

4. We do not get involved in off-road motorcycle issues.

5. Membership is open to all over the age of 18, with $15 for a single and $25 for a couple per year.

6. Our purpose for creating a new Motorcycle Rights group was to have an organization whose main objective was to protect Bikers' Rights, specifically those rights and issues involving road riding; not raising money for charity, getting involved in off-road issues, or creating off-road parks.

7. We will not ask our members to work events or ask them for more money through raffles,etc. We work for bikers/motorcyclists rights informing the membership of current issues through our website and e-mail notification list. People are ever more busy with time constraints from work and family, which is important. If you get a chance to go for a ride, that is more important than spending all day in a meeting! There are plenty of organizations raising money for charity causes. We focus on protecting our rights and the enjoyment of riding.

Executive Officers are:

Director/Webmaster is Jim "Pure Pork" Dean, who joined the first ABATE of Illinois in Sept 1977, became itís District 3 Director in 1980. Was Secretary for Central Illinois A.B.A.T.E.,Inc, from April 1987-January 2009. Former State Newsletter Coordinator A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois, serving for 8 yrs. Recipient of the "Rich Neb Award" from A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois (their highest award). Joined MRF as a Charter Member. AMA Member and AMA Eagles graduate. Rides are 1956 Panhead; 1970 CB350 with Harley hard tail welded on; 1972 Yamaha XS650 ; 1978 Yamaha XS650 Special, stock condition; 1978 Yamaha XS650 Special with V-Twin Duo-Glide rear section welded on; 1985 Kawasaki Voyager 1300 (6 cyl) for touring duty, with Pod Trailer.

imra Pure Pork

Communications/Legislative and our Lobbyist is Janet Pinger- "The Blonde", active in motorcycle rights for the past dozen plus years. She is a former A.B.A.T.E. of Illinois State Treasurer; PR, Newsletter and State Board Delegate for Central Illinois A.B.A.T.E. Inc; AMA Member and AMA Eagles graduate. Owns 1984 Venture Royale, but mainly rides as passenger with Pure Pork.

imra The Blonde

Treasurer/Membership is Stan "Sky" King, active in motorcycle rights for over 20 years. He is a former Central Illinois A.B.A.T.E. Legislative Coordinator for 12 years and recipient of ABATE of Illinois' Legislative Coordinator of the Year and joined MRF as a Charter Member. Main ride is a Harley Road Glide. Also owns 1974 CB750.

Sky King

two guys

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